Reyshizz is now

Rey Beyond

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Many years ago, I started using the name "Reyshizz" to represent the hip hop artist within me. "Reynald," my given name, and later "Rey" were representative names for the politically correct side of my personality. In the past, I didn't want to mix the two worlds together and I tried to keep them separated. I never denied all the aspects of who I was and am but, at the same time, I didn't want the worlds to mingle. As I got older and more comfortable with who I am, the two personalities began to merge.

It began, in 2013, when I decided to take my music career more seriously. I quit my job and set off to make music full-time. Although it did cross my mind to change my name then, I didn't because there were too many other things going on for me to put the proper amount of thought into it. However, since then, the line between "Reyshizz" and "Rey" became more and more blurred. I started to express my true thoughts and opinions in my music and within my network without fear of what it might do to my professional or personal life. The more I did this, the more wearing the mask of "Reyshizz" felt less necessary. It was only one part of me and I wanted to be my complete self. For that reason, I've decided to leave "Reyshizz" in the past and change my name to Rey Beyond.

Rey Beyond represents my whole self. It goes beyond Reyshizz the rapper and incorporates all the parts of my personality. This idea will continue to be expressed in my music. I'll continue to go beyond the topics that are usually rapped about and talk about the things that matter.

In case you're wondering, the Reyshizz catalogue is not going anywhere. You'll still be able to find the Reyshizz catalogue on the web, but I'll no longer be releasing music under that name. And this will be the last post on If you're looking for Transcenders you still can find it on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play and BandCamp.

Reyshizz has taken me a long way, but now I'm ready to go beyond it. Follow along with me.