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Meet Reyshizz

Reynald “Reyshizz” Benoit [bənwa], is an independent rap artist from Irvington, NJ. In 2013 he quit his full-time career, designing user experiences for web and mobile applications, to focus his full attention on making music. He wishes to dedicate the rest of his life to spreading ideas that matter.

Reyshizz graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2006 and in 2008 he received his master’s degree from Georgia Tech. Soon after graduation, he began his career as an user experience designer at Digitas-LBi (then known as Digitas).

Throughout his education, Reyshizz continued to write and record music whenever he could. While at Digitas-LBi he released 3 EPs (Making of Man, InspiREYtion and Ctrl Alt Delete), 2 mixtapes (Rey-Building and Magick, Album 0), and many other singles, not relating to any compliation.

In June of 2013, Reyshizz decided to completely leave the corporate world behind and submerge himself in the art of making music. On his upcoming project, Transcend (Feb 2014), you’ll see the type of music Reyshizz capable of when it gets 100% of his attention. In his words... “Stay tuned and stay cool...”

If you think Reyshizz should continue to make music, buy “Psychopath” to show your support.